Group Directors

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David Thompson

Non-Executive Chairman

David joined Touchstone Group on IPO in 1998 and became Chairman in 2003.

David was formerly CEO of Druid Group Plc and IPO’d Druid in 1996. Prior to this he held senior positions at Vickers Plc and General Electric Company. He is also a non-executive director at Newcastle Rugby Ltd.

Keith Birch

Chief Executive Officer

Keith joined Touchstone in early 1982 having previously spent 4 years in a small London firm of chartered accountants.

David Birch

Commercial Director

David joined Touchstone in early 1986 having previously spent time in the construction industry on large project implementations.

David’s initial role was head of Touchstone’s Professional Service and Administration teams. Today, David has responsibility for all significant commercial and legal matters across the Group.

Christian Butler

Finance Director

Christian joined Touchstone in 1998 having previously been Finance Director of a London-based marketing and advertising business.